Dry Chemical Powder

M & B Fire offers the best SABS approved dry-chemical powder mobile fire-fighting extinguishers. They are manufactured to the highest standards with an excellent fire rating by the SABS.


Our wide range of quality products and specialist services enables us to provide a total-quality solution for any size application thus always exceeding market expectations and consistently meeting project requirements within optimum time-frames without ever  negotiating on quality or service excellence.


M & B Fire stocks a full range of SABS approved portable extinguishers. We offer these units in carbon steel, alloy steel & aluminum. These units need to be serviced by registered SAQCC competent persons. It has a Fire Rating of 8B, 21B and complies with SANS 1567.


We pride ourselves in the fact that our hose-reels are made with the highest quality materials and rating and our wide range of fire-extinguisher, hose reels & hose boxes, made of high quality fiber-glass materials that ensure a smooth finish and also guarantee a durable long lasting protection for your extinguishers.